Dr. Celine Mullins – CEO- CEO & Founder

Dr. Celine Mullins has over 15 years’ experience as a Psychologist, Coach and Learning Consultant working across private and public organisations and institutions.

Utilising the most up to date research and information from the intersection between neurobiology, psychology, neuroscience and psychology, Celine creates coaching and learning experiences that give people the tools to develop their ‘soft’ skills including Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, and Resilience. Celine also works with teams and organisations to instill high performance, to improve culture and climate, and with her team, creates video and award-winning virtual reality learning solutions.

Celine teaches the Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Module of the MSc in Personal and Management Coaching, University College Cork (annually since 2015).

She has published two books with Oak Tree Press; “Our Learning Brain” and “Developing Learning Habits“. These books support readers to understand and overcome blocks to learning and habit change and provide practical advice, tools, and techniques that can be put into practice immediately

Celine also designed and facilitates the ‘Skills for Growth Coaching Programme’ which takes participants through a process of positive change in their personal or professional lives, so that they can apply that process again and again themselves or with others.

Celine obtained her BA (Hons) in Psychology at University College Dublin and her Ph.D at Trinity College Dublin. She also has a Certificate in Training and Development, Diploma in Statistics, Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certificate in The  Neuroscience of Change,  has studied Transpersonal Leadership Coaching with Leadershape (





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