Case Study in Video Game Industry by Adaptas Training

Case Study in Video Game Industry

Working from home during Covid-19 meant employees were finding it challenging to find work life balance.  Their challenges also included staying focused during working hours, switching off from work during personal time, managing overwhelm and time management challenges such as prioritization, organization, and distraction. Lastly, but perhaps more importantly, the experience of struggling with time management was resulting in feelings of low self-worth and helplessness amongst team members. 



The programme we created consisted of four live facilitated workshops, each separated by approximately 1-2 weeks as well as two pre-recorded 45-minute webinars, which employees could access at a time that suited them between and beyond  the workshops.  It provided employees with a strong collection of tangible skills to support their capacity to learn faster, grow through challenges, enhance self-awareness, and manage their time, energy, and productivity successfully. During the workshops, facilitator delivered information on useful concepts, tools and techniques while inviting learners to discuss and apply the tools to their current role and objectives. The period of time in between each of the four workshops enabled employees to apply the tools and to return to the following workshop with updates on their progress, and any challenges.


Content included:

Developing Habits and Routines: Principles of Habit Change that support adults to take control of their learning and behaviour around time management and self-management. 

Enhancing Productivity: including the daily skills and strategies that develop focus, and strengthening yourself against distraction.

Developing Self-Awareness: time management comes down to self-management. Understanding values, identity, and personal reactions to challenges is essential. 

Skills for Growth and Resilience: Using mindset as a skill to manage unexpected challenges, overwhelm, and difficult experiences.



Participants gained an in-depth understanding of developing skills to support focus, confidence, prioritization, organization, planning ahead, and managing overwhelm. They engaged with personal challenges around time management and found creative, personal solutions by leveraging cutting edge strategies for organization, productivity, and prioritization. 

Perhaps most importantly, participants were empowered with important mindset skills that enabled them to see time management as a set of skills to gain mastery over, and to see this as a challenge they were fully capable of meeting. By shifting away from the belief that “there is never enough time” to “there is enough time” we shift the responsibility firmly to ourselves to take action and develop the skills we need to manage ourselves better within the time that we have. Participants reported feeling empowered and inspired by this shift of perspective and better able to implement the many strategies offered through the programme. 




“We engaged with Adaptas to develop a time management skills programme for our staff and the feedback has been hugely positive, for both the generous content and the interactive delivery methods which ensured maximum discussion and participation from attendees. Participants have reported receiving countless, and immediately usable, practical tips and hacks to start taking action towards a long-term change approach to enhanced time management. The science of procrastination was also introduced to participants, working through real life examples along with ways of tackling it and how to identify key triggers to help change their course of action. These insights have proved so beneficial for our employees. The facilitators at Adaptas always know how to invigorate a group with the expert knowledge and passion they bring to their training programmes.”

Charlotte Callaghan, People Program Manager, Video Game Industry