Empower The User (ETU) Case Study By Adaptas Training


This Irish based organisation were working with a United States nationwide based Insurance Company to develop a fully customised online role-play skills training tool in the area of Sales.

The problem was that although ETU had designed a unique and award-winning training platform, they required subject matter experts to create the situational scenarios, and coaching feedback based on pedagogical learning and research, on behalf of the client. They also required experts in video production for the creation of all interactive scenarios to sit on the platform.


We provided all of the above roles (Scenario-based creation, coaching feedback, video production etc), writing and production of all branching video clips which users would move through, as well as coaching and feedback elements throughout. This tool allows all decisions/interactions to be tracked and analysed against defined skills and behaviour models. Coaching and feedback are also provided to help correct negative behaviour and reinforce positive behaviour. The online tool enables repeated practice and skills refinement in a safe and controlled environment.


The finished product was completed and delivered on time, to Farmers Insurance, who needed to make sales training available to up to 40, 000 employees and so an online training tool like this was perfect for them rather than incurring the expense of face-to-face delivery.

We have since provided the same service on other topics for ETU, including best practice in leadership, customer service, sales and HR interview skills and cultural diversity.

We continue to provide these services to ETU, and have recently partnered with them, as the ETU Talent Development Platform™, is completely unique compared to other online platforms. Online Training is usually passive in terms of content and measurable impact, and is useful for compliance only. The ETU Talent Development Platform™, is different because it actually allows you to assess each individuals competence based on how they interact with real characters through roleplay, with feedback and coaching. Practice and assessment are delivered from one platform, meaning you can design further training based on an individuals gaps and needs. No other online training platform on the market comes close in immersion, level of measuring competence and value for money. Our subject matter experts work closely with your in-house experts to develop the most effective version of each topic to be covered.