At Adaptas Training, our Leadership Development Training utilises actionable tools and methodologies for managers and leaders to improve how they operate in work and with their colleagues, to create a high performing environment. Our approach creates a work environment that is conducive to exponential growth, enhanced performance, increased collaboration, and higher engagement. Our techniques also assist with stress management, the ability to strategically assess situations, and learn effectively from past experiences.

Cutting Edge Leadership Training Course

With our Leadership Development Programme, we provide specific tools to help your staff manage their brain better, understand how their thinking impacts their behaviour and make better decisions. Having repeatedly noticed gaps across a wide range of organisations in how managers, leaders, and their staff, communicate and behave, Adaptas Training utilise methods that effectively assists managers and staff with building self-awareness and unlimited growth. Our effective and easy-to-implement leadership development training, includes our unique Thinking Leader Programme combined with our highly immersive communication skills training course, executive coaching and much more.

Innovative E-Learning Techniques

Based in Dublin Ireland, we work worldwide to take your staff and business to the next level of success. Using video production,Virtual Reality (VR) and modern E-learning methods including online role play training, we use immersive, game-based programmes to help each individual use proven techniques to learn in the most effective way. With our leading edge activity based learning experiences and scientifically backed experiential tools, the sky’s the limit for where you can take your people and company.

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Contact us for more information or to request a demo of the best staff development training program Dublin has to offer. Your company can enjoy higher business performance, enhanced interpersonal communication, and a stronger, more united task force. Give us a call at +353 (0) 1 442 9952 today.

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