Our Methodology

Self-awareness has been cited as the most important capability for leaders to develop, to be able to adapt. Companies with strong financial performance tend to have employees with higher levels of self-awareness. Adaptas Training utilise methods that effectively assists managers and staff with building self-awareness and unlimited growth.


Bespoke Learning Workshops

Our range of programs and game-based immersive workshops utilise actionable tools and methodologies for Managers and Leaders to improve how they operate in work and with their colleagues, to create a healthy and high performing environment.

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Executive Coaching

The fast pace of business combined with the expectation to be more adaptable and responsive makes Coaching the preferential approach for many leaders and managers. As Marshall Goldsmith famously says “What got you here, won’t get you there”. We work with leaders who recognise this, and are ready to both leverage their existing success and explore their potential for real transformation and impact.

Organisational Culture Change

The policies, procedures and incentives that an organisation embraces are a reflection of the values system of the organisation. Living by our workplace values takes conscious choice as we have our own personal values which may or may not align with our workplace. We work with you and your staff to make these values become real in day-to day life. Thus developing and maintaining the culture that works best for your organisation, stakeholders and the employees themselves.

Based in Dublin Ireland, we work worldwide to take your staff and business to the next level of success.  We use action-based programs to help each individual use proven techniques to learn in the most effective way. In addition to working face-to-face with groups, individuals and teams, we also create training tools that can be utilsed for consistency of messaging for global roll-out. These include video production, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality. With our leading edge activity based learning experiences and scientifically backed experiential tools, the sky’s the limit for where you can take your people and company.

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Contact us for more information, or to request a demo of the best staff development training program Dublin has to offer. Your company can enjoy higher business performance, enhanced interpersonal communication, and a stronger, more united task force. Give us a call at +353 (0) 1 442 9952 today.

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