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Self-awareness is essential for growth. We cannot change or develop what we are not aware of. Companies that last are the ones that invest time into developing self-awareness in people and teams. Adaptas develops people and shows them how to leverage self-awareness for exponential growth. 

Our training combines the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology with practical and highly actionable tools to bring the learning to life. Participants leave our programmes with a clear understanding of how to change, not just the knowledge of what they need to change. 

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Bringing Growth Mindset to Life
  • Posted on: 15-03-2023

I had a conversation today that really brought 'mindset' to life for me. The person I had the conversation with is a friend, who has another friend that wants to get into the same line of business as Adaptas. My friend, (lets call them 'M') introduced me to their friend (lets call them 'T') 48 hours ago (in person or IRL). Since that first conve

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