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Engaging Your Brain for Learning & Habit Change – Maximising Brain Potential

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Our Learning Brain Book
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This ebook is the first in the MAXIMISING BRAIN POTENTIAL series.

The MAXIMISING BRAIN POTENTIAL series is based on the most up-to-date scientific research of how our brain potential can be maximised for habit change, learning, productivity and health.

As a psychologist and coach working in organisations worldwide and with individuals, groups and teams, Dr. Celine Mullins – founder of Adaptas – noticed over the past 10 years that very few new discoveries from neuroscience are being integrated into education, learning and development or soft skills programmes. Scientists have made many exciting and ground-breaking discoveries on how the brain learns and changes throughout adulthood. However, much of this recent research from neuroscience, physiology, psychology and more is not being implemented into how we learn as adults. This ebook seeks to change that.

This ebook will:

  • Help you to use your brain more effectively when learning new skills, by offering simple and practical tips.
  • Support you in breaking old habits and creating new ones.
  • Give you great insights into organisational learning and development-related topics that you can use in your organisation.