Bespoke Learning Workshops


What we do has been described by our clients as “edgy”, “fresh” and “vibrant”, and what is required to bring about “maximum sustainable learning”
Our client’s constantly remark we have a “real UNDERSTANDING of (their) business“, that we “create a SAFE environment where people can act out their full POTENTIAL to see that it works“, and that we are “PROFESSIONAL“, “DIFFERENT“, and “ENTHUSASTIC“.

We know that when people UNDERSTAND themselves better and COMMUNICATE accordingly, they and their teams ACHIEVE more of what they want.

We deliver unique activity-based learning experiences around innovative and scientifically backed experiential exercises, tools and techniques that truly achieve results.

Bespoke Learning Workshops

All our Workshops and the Adaptas Leadership Method* have been designed based on the consistent gaps showing up across organisations in the communication and behavioural skills of managers and leaders. The Leaders and Managers of today need self-awareness, a growth mindset, and an ability to flex their style of behaving and communicating. Many of our clients prefer bespoke workshops that connect into their culture and their current needs. However we can also deliver off-the-shelf versions of our workshops.

Our Workshops and the Adaptas Leadership Method*, look to shine a light on the gaps and then support exploration, learning and practice to impact effectiveness, performance, and influencing.

This is all done using interactive and experiential approaches (including role-play, forum theatre, immersive game-based processes) combined with the most up-to-date findings, tools and techniques from psychology, neuroscience and coaching.

*The Adaptas Leadership Method is a 6 month program which combines all of the modules mentioned here.


The Adaptas Leadership Method empowers people to :

  • Work more effectively with others towards higher engagement, performance, and collaboration
  • Take charge without controlling, while empowering others and accepting challenge when it is given
  • Be shrewd in the assesssment of situations and people
  • Learn from past mistakes, while not letting mistakes of the past impact decision-making in the present
  • Manage stress and lead back from defeat
  • Understand personal and organisational mission and values and where the two interact or clash
  • Take well calculated risks, while having respect for order and compliance
  • Find work/ life balance for effectiveness in all areas of life; as one always impact the other

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