Google Case Study by Adaptas Training


There were issues amongst the Google Learning & Development International training teams abilities and confidence in the areas of stakeholder management and negotiation skills. Many of them were finding it challenging getting buy in from the business on the services they offered.


We developed a programme based on the teams needs. In the weeks leading up to kick off, we gathered examples of critical incidents and concerns from the team and created scripts and processes based on bringing these to life, so that the team could re-experience these situations, but this time in a safe supportive environment. As they re-experienced these situations, they got the chance to reflect, to receive coaching and feedback, and to implement change. The idea was that re-experiencing these situations, and implementing change during the training would arm them to know exactly what to do when such a situation occurred. They got to ‘do’ with us so that they could be way more effective when ‘doing’ in the future.


Google’s trainers now have the skills they need to put their learnings into practice immediately as a result of the methods we delivered.

The scenarios we brought to life had an amazing impact on the Google staff even though they are a very experienced team of trainers who were not easily impressed and who were dubious about what we could possibly teach them.

The team are now proficient in stakeholder management and negotiation skills and have become more credible and confident in getting buy in from managers throughout the business.


Michelle Cronin, Learning & Development Team Lead, Google:

“adaptas™ are committed, hard working and enthusiastic trainers and actors, with a thorough understanding of our company and a clear, well structured delivery of the message required. Our team was comfortable with the role plays because of the safe environment adaptas™ created, which made the team more willing to try new things. What amazed the team most was how well adaptas™ understood our business and how realistic the scenarios they directed were. Celine and the other actors provided immediate feedback and suggestions that the team and I found very useful and well communicated…The team learnt more than the agreed topics at hand and are more confident about using their sphere of influence after the training. adaptas™ have a fresh new innovative way to train people and improve any issues they need assistance with. You won’t find this anywhere else. I would have no hesitation in recommending Celine and adaptas™ for training or workshops in the future‘

Various members of the Learning & Development Team, Google

“The training method was excellent; using the actors is a powerful tool to get into the mindset of people and to get the trainees talking and thinking. The secret of success of this training method, was your gathering of real-life scenarios beforehand. It was great, because we all identified with the situations. Seeing how others responded to these problems gave us lots of ideas of alternative ways to respond. It was also lots of fun!”

“The actors and trainer were excellent. The roleplayers helped verbalise what we needed to be able to say.”

“This was perfectly tailored to our team. There was a good balance between the interactive parts and the information being put across.”