Why Updating Your Values is a Useful (and Sometimes Essential) Exercise

At adaptas, we regularly engage with individuals, teams, and organisations on the topic of values. Our work often involves helping people discover their core personal values and assisting teams and organisations in choosing their guiding principles. Identifying and committing to a set of values can be transformative, providing powerful clarity that supports action and resolves conflicts. But what happens after this initial discovery? 





“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to these changes will determine your success in life.” – B. Franklin


Imagine a person in their early twenties who, inspired by a newfound interest in personal development, completes a personal values exercise. They gain clarity and direction, feeling deeply aligned with their newly identified values. For many years, these values guide their important life decisions. However, as they approach their early thirties, they notice a misalignment. Have they lost their way, or is it simply time to revisit and update their values?

Values are powerful because they provide deep insights into what drives us and what we consider most important in life. However, as we grow and change, our values should evolve too. It would be unproductive to define our lives by outdated values that no longer resonate with our current selves.


Here at adaptas, we recently experienced a similar journey. Despite regularly assisting others in clarifying their values, we hadn’t revisited our own organisational values in over a decade. Our team began to struggle with clarity in several areas: Who did we most want to work with? What knowledge did we want to share? What were we most passionate about? The values adaptas started with sixteen years ago no longer represented the heart of our business. It was time to refresh our values to reflect our current goals and aspirations.


Here’s what we came up with:

Courageous Insight – Warmth and Candour 

Only by truly knowing and sharing ourselves can we develop the courage to live and work with candour, creating safe and thriving workplace cultures. We meet every client with an open heart and mind, expecting the same from them, so that together we can build experiences that spark genuine lasting change.


Collaborative Synergy – Commitment and Partnership

When both teacher and learner share a common language and lens, the resulting synergy elevates outcomes beyond expectations. To foster deep connection and equitable experiential learning, we present material through multiple immersive mediums, including theatre-based techniques, science, and innovative tech.


Cascading Growth – Growth and Development

Deep change carves new learning pathways that lead to meaningful, long-term development. By encouraging an open, curious attitude toward positive change, our clients build transformative momentum that allows them to reach their true potential.

The benefits of this update are already apparent. With our newly refined values, our team has found the clarity we were seeking. The process of defining these values and carrying them forward acts as a compass for our decisions and actions. Equally important is the self-discovery that occurs when we pause to ask ourselves crucial questions:


Who are we now? What matters to us now? What do we truly want to represent? What is most important to us about our work? What mark do we want to make on the world?


Updating your values is not just an exercise in clarity; it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. Whether you are an individual, a team, or an organisation, revisiting and refreshing your values can help you stay aligned with your current goals and aspirations. It ensures that your guiding principles are relevant and meaningful, supporting you in making decisions that reflect who you are today. So, when was the last time you thought about your values? Perhaps now is the perfect moment to pause, reflect, and embrace the evolution of your true self.


Here at adaptas, we work with individuals, organisations, and teams to identify, refine, structure, action, and eventually revisit their values. Get in touch today if you’re curious about how working on values could benefit you or your team or organisation.


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