The Adaptas resilient Leader

Unchecked stress can result in a number of productivity-sapping outcomes, from

diminished work quality to absenteeism to co-worker clashes

Dr.richard a chaifetz

The Adaptas Resilient Leader

This Programme aims to improve the psychological strength and emotional fitness of leaders, to bounce back faster and perform better under pressure.

Essentially highly stressed people are in a reactive survival mode. This course programme allows them to take back greater control, resulting in more sound decisions and actions.

Take purposeful effective action in any stressful situation and maintain motivation in self and others.

Understand and improve self control for less reactive, better decision – making.


“The most practical and enjoyable and beneficial training I have had in over 30 years of working.”


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OBJECTIVES OF resilient Leader

  • Empower participants

    To take personal responsibility for manging their stress and building resilience

  • Move out of comfort zones

    In order to explore flexibility in behaviour to fully appreciate the achievable benefits

  • Instil strategies with greater control

    Over thinking, emotions and stress, leading to improved creative problem solving and productivity

  • Build confidence

    And know-how across all topics

  • Recognise fears

    And yet provide a safety net to change attitudes about self and others which may not cuttently be supportive or empowering

LEADERS WHO are Resilient

  • Increase Productivity

    People see options they didn’t see before and recognise greater choice

  • Increase Effectiveness

    46% people attend work 1-4 days per year when too stressed to be effective

  • Improve Problem-Solving

    Leading to openness to flexibility, creativity and innovation

  • Decrease Sick days

    29% people miss 3-6 days per year on account of illness and stress

  • Decrease Reputational Damage

    Stressed people can have poorer engagement with customer/ clients, and hinder important business relationships

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