The Adaptas Presenter Leader

All great speakers were bad speakers at first.


The Adaptas presenter Leader

Whether you’re looking to inspire change in your team or organisation, presenting your idea to a client, or trying to close more deals, this programme is a must!

Learn to inspire, through a process of creating content and sharpening delivery for confidence and greater impact in your presentations.

Audiences decide whether they will listen in the first 30-45 seconds of a presentation.

They also assume your level of ability to deliver, in the first 8 seconds of your stepping up to present.


If you’re looking for the ace in the pack in terms of improving your presentation and communication skills you’ve found it with celine and adaptas

James Northridge

impactful presenters

  • Understand 'why', 'when', 'what' influences an audience to listen

  • Know how to make any presentation appealing to any audience

  • Engage an audience's interest and concentration with clear and effective structure and messaging

  • Know how to use the voice and body optimally

  • Have lots of methods to deal with nerves and the 'voice in the head'

  • Influence change and get 'buy in'

After This Training you Will be better able to

  • Examine and develop your vocal and physical presence

  • Deal with nerves and any limiting beliefs in making presentations / talking to groups

  • Understand and apply all elements required for perfectly crafted content

  • Understand how to make a strong connection with the audience

  • Learn the skill of correct breathing to ensure composure and calmness

  • Own the space vocally and physically

  • Speak with emotional connection

  • And much more... tools and techniques learnt and practiced will apply to all forms of communication

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