The Adaptas negotiating leader

One of the things I learned when I was negotiating was that until I changed

myself, I could not change others

nelson mandela

The Adaptas negotiating Leader

In failing to adapt their approach and methods to the situation and the other side, people often limit their opportunities for successful outcomes.

This can be overcome by a distinct awareness of their own thinking patterns and that of others.

This Programme enables leaders to experience and fully understand the thinking and behaviour that leads to successful mediation and resolutions for both agreements and disputes.



“Much greater insight into my own and others’ thinking and behaviour leading to better interaction and more positive negotiating and agreement outcomes”

Senior Buying Manager



  • Know what they wish to achieve

  • Gain insight into the other’s needs and expectations

  • Recognise other’s thinking styles and approaches

  • Have clarity on own minimum acceptable concessions

  • Introduce connectivity and relevance in benefits

  • Bargain around relatively inexpensive to self but valuable to the other side

  • Close decisively with optimal timing

  • Follow through on success for long-term gains

OBJECTIVES OF Negotiating Leader

  • Learn thinking styles effective for you

    Which ones can be adjusted for bargaining effectivness

  • Practise the art of bargaining

    How to reach win-win outcomes

  • Control mental and emotional states

    Reduce stress and spend less time in limited reactive states

  • Recognise the thinking approaches of others

    How to engage more effectively with more impact

  • Introduction to modern tracking tools

    Maximise benefits from agreements, outcomes and commitments

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