The Adaptas High Performance Team Leader

High performing teams exceed customer expectations, and get projects done ahead of schedule…

They trust each other and exhibit a high level of collaboration

Larson & Gray, 2014

The Adaptas High Performance Team Leader

Successful organisations and teams create cultures where people take personal responsibility for success. This grows trust and collaboration.

To do this, requires supporting people to gain clarity on the organisation’s mission, values, beliefs and practices, as well as their own.

This is the first step on which everything else is then built, recognising that every single one of us is both a follower and a leader.

This programme takes participants through the most up-to-date practice of creating and maintaining a high performing team.

The programme is customised as relevant. For example:

1) A team who wish to go through the process together, to move towards operating as a high performing team (and potentially filter same behaviours throughout the organisation)

2) Disparate participants spread throughout an organisation, who need to separately create high performing teams.



“Celine was excellent, great communicator and pushed us out of our comfort zone without going too far. I loved the two days and got loads of ideas and support from it!”

Managing Director,

Construction Management Company

High Performing Team Leaders

  • Create breakthrough products

  • Out-perform other teams

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Engage in respectful conflict

  • Get projects completed ahead of schedule and under budget

  • Trust each other and exhibit a high level of collaboration

  • Are bonded together by mutual interdependency and a common goal or vision

OBJECTIVES OF high performance Leader

  • Recognise the characteristics of high performing teams vs. other types of teams

  • Understand how to create high-performance teams

  • Become confident in developing and maintaining high-performance teams

  • Be clear on the barriers to success in high-performance teams

  • Understand team thinking and behaviours, roles and team dynamics

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