The Adaptas happy Leader

Happiness led to an average of 12% more productivity, while unhappy

workers proved 10% less effective


The Adaptas happy Leader

This programme allows leaders and managers to understand the powerful connection between happiness and productivity. It equips the participants with the necessary techniques to feel more content in themselves and influence the happiness levels of their staff/teams.

Creating a culture that values warmth, compassion and connection improves employee satisfaction and teamwork, whilst reducing absenteeism and emotional exhaustion

By adopting tools and techniques that help to increase the levels of happiness, the overall organisational performance increases.


“This happiness module was fantastic. The ideas that Dr. Celine spoke about were very well received by staff and the positive impact of the session lasted. Celine was skilled at creating an atmosphere of ease which allowed staff to relax, engage, enjoy and learn. It was very well designed and delivered. “

Dr Arlene Egan

Centre for Research Innovation in Learning and Teaching, National College of Ireland (NCI)


  • Can see opportunities where others see problems, demonstrate greater competence, resilience, and problem-solving

  • Are purpose driven and know how to prioritise

  • Recognise choice, take responsibility and are self-accepting

  • Contribute to other people’s well-being and nourish positive relationships

  • Create a high-quality workplace where fairness, equality, justice, community feeling and a sense of belonging are present

  • Offer emotional warmth and express openness to employees feeling, ideas and values

  • Build solid foundations and balance various needs, demands and opinions

OBJECTIVES OF happy Leader

  • Develop a growth mind-set

    Approach challenges as learning opportunities, become more open to various perspectives

  • Manage brain and emotions effectively to increase energy, creativity and productivity

    Learn to rewire your brain and experiance positive emotions more frequently than destructive behaviours

  • Create habits that support happiness

    Apply proven daily workplace habits that increase team awareness, build trust and enhance communication

  • Gain clarity on values and purpose

    Know and understand your values and their alignment with company’s mission

  • Improve relationships and communication

    Build and support positive relationships and encounters

  • Increase your resilience for stress

    Learn to approach negative and stressful situations with an optimistic outlook and gain more self-control

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