The Adaptas brain management Leader

In order to be the master of your life, you must first recognise that you are the

rightful master of your brain, its owner and operator.

ilchi lee

The Adaptas Brain Management Leader

The leaders of the 21st century are the individuals and organisations who understand how the BRAIN works, the brain/body connection, and who regularly train both holistically.

Through comprehensive muscular-cognitive training, the leaders who manages their brain well have:

Improved awareness, concentration, memory, self-control, motivation and self-esteem.

Awakened brain sensitivity and mindfulness through specific physical exercises

Manages emotions and brain waves for optimum functioning and reactions to stressful situations


“It was great to realise and experience the potential within my brain rather than just depending on my factual knowledge”


The 5-Steps of the Brain Management Leader programme help you cultivate the brain’s innate and
unlimited potential to develop a brain that is productive, creative and peaceful.

The 5-Steps taught and practised, are designed to be easy-to-use every day, to keep the body and
brain functioning strongly and effectively.

Individual aspect

Brain sensitivity Adaptability Creativity
Emotion Control



organisational aspect

Productivity Synergy
Work efficiency Competitiveness Communication

After This Training The Participant Will Have

  • Brain-body exercises to improve blood-energy circulation through the body, and enhance brain-body communication and coordination

  • Ability to relax through breath work which enhances self-control and concentration, and ultimatelty is a starting point for more productivity and functioning in any activity

  • Enhanced ways to use information consciously to improve self-esteem and self-motivation. The brain feeds on whatever information it is filled with. Effective functionality of the brain and body depends on filtering for positive and useful information

  • Exercises and practices to use the imagination to introduce more flexibility into the brain and activate the brains capacity for creativity

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