Niamh NiDhonaill- Associate Group Facilitator & Coach

Niamh combines 20 years’ experience in business with a Masters in Personal and Management Coaching to bring a professional approach to her executive coaching, training and facilitation programmes.

Managing at the coalface of a large international organisation,  Niamh has worked in sales, marketing and general management positions at a senior level. Through this experience Niamh understands the intricacies of corporate culture both locally and internationally. Niamh’s role became more focussed on developing and mentoring colleagues to achieve their full potential and reach targets set personally or by the company.

Over the years Niamh has carved out a niche in supporting clients as they transition from manager to leader. Research shows that such transitions are challenging and exciting, full of opportunities and threats. The move from manager to leader, can lead to success and fulfilment, but can also be a time where seasoned professionals can feel vulnerable and alone.

By creating self-awareness and focussing on understanding the role, focus and  behaviours needed to be successful during this transition, Niamh supports the new leader as they navigate the first three to six months in the new role, offering insights and observations that can enable the new leader to develop and  thrive. 

Transition coaching gives the client space and time to reflect and finetune what needs to be done to be successful and supports the client through this exciting yet sometimes daunting time.

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