David Mullins– Health & Fitness Sports Leadership Consultant

During his 12 years of coaching career at a number of different elite College Athletic Departments in the U.S.A, David garnered numerous coaching awards and helped his programs breakthrough to new heights of athletic achievement. Most recently, as the Head Women’s Tennis coach at the University of Oklahoma he developed players for the WTA tennis tour. He also received his Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Athletic Administration while at the University of Oklahoma.

Acknowledged as a coach who always gets the most out of his talent, he is constantly striving to improve training methods and develop his athletes in all facets of their lives. 

Before starting his coaching career David was a international professional tennis player earning an ATP world ranking in both singles and doubles play while representing the National Irish team in Davis Cup play. 

He combines his successes and failures as a world class athlete and coach in order to help others achieve their goals. 

Through his own experiences as an athlete and coach along with his studies in the area of human performance, he has developed a comprehensive system for teaching others the emotional and mental skills they never learned to be able to perform at their best. 

David is currently the Sports Manager at an elite tennis club in Dublin and runs his own tennis business offering guidance and solutions to young elite tennis players and their coaches. 

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