How Can We Build a More Resilient Workplace?

Updated August 18th 2023


In our previous blog, we shared some information about Resilience; what it is and some misconceptions about resilience. We also looked at the benefits of building resilience in the workplace. In this blog we would like to explore some ways of building a more resilient workplace. 


There are many opportunities for employees to build a resilient workplace. Three of them are:


1. Understanding the basic elements of resilience


a) Emotional wellbeing

This basic element of resilience is about how a person understands and deals with their emotions. This can involve things such as seeing things from another’s perspective and being able to solve conflict.

b) Inner drive

Inner drive is about a person being able to focus on themselves, their goals on a daily basis. This could include using their own self awareness as a guide through their day or focusing on their core values.

c) Future focus

This means having a clear sense of focus on what one wants to achieve in the future without being stuck or held back.

d) Relationships 

By having a stable social network it makes it easier to build and maintain resilience.

e) Physical health

Physical health can affect your resilience because a healthy body makes a healthy mind. By releasing endorphins through exercise each day it helps to build and maintain resilience.


2. Addressing strengths and weaknesses  


Self-reflection is important in the journey to resilience. In order to become more resilient each of us need to address the basic elements of resilience and figure out what we need to work on and take ownership of  in developing our resilience. A great way to aid this is by giving and receiving feedback. Regular one-to-one sessions give rise to giving and receiving feedback and are a great way to address strengths and weaknesses. When people focus on their strengths fosters an ability to grow.  Many  of us don’t recognise our strengths until someone else points them out to us!


3. Fostering a future focus 


Fostering a future focus means having the ability to focus on the future. It is much easier to build and maintain resilience when you have a sense of purpose and direction. Often times when people don’t feel resilient it’s because they feel stuck with some element of where they are in their lives in the present. A future focus draws on a sense of focus and direction. This allows openness to change and allows healthy responses to challenges.  


If you don’t look after yourself, and do what you can to support your colleagues in building their resilience then you and they are twice as likely to report burnout than resilient employees. Resilient employees report they are twice as likely to stay with an organisation if their resilience is fostered.  


Do you want to learn more about developing resilience in yourself or your team? Reach out to us today at We have coaching and trainings carefully build from over 15 years of experience to help you and your team find and develop this essential aspect of success.


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