Managing Change & Habits

The Adaptas Emotionally Intelligent LeaderHelping individuals to become more aware of typical things at play when encountering and managing change on a personal level and in others.



Connection between brain and body
Understand what typically happens at an individual level when change is occurring.

7 steps to Change
Explore neuroplasticity and the integral steps to changing how we, and others do things.

Overcome Obstacles To Change
Recognise the obstacles in the brain and body to change.

The Health Benefits and Requirements of Change
Discover the good news on why change keeps us younger for longer & the foundations required to making it easier for our bodies and brains to deal with change.

Each participant is invited to choose something that they know they need to change or have struggled to change in the past (or a response to change they have noticed in themselves or colleagues) and will actively work through this item to set up a personal action plan as we progress through the workshop so that they can go put it into practice now or in the future.


This workshop supports participants to put into practice the tips, tools and techniques from Dr Celine Mullins series of books ‘Maximising Brain Potential

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