Creating a Learning Culture with our Leadership Development Program Dublin

Leadership Development Training Programme Dublin

In running our Leadership Development Program in Dublin, and internationally, we have noticed a strong movement towards creating ‘learning’ organisations. Some organisations were way ahead a decade ago, but many are only starting their journey now.

Is ‘Learning’ part of your company’s culture or are you just hoping it will happen?

What is a learning organisation, you might ask?
A learning organisation is one where:

“Employees continually create, acquire and transfer knowledge-helping their company adapt to the unpredictable faster than rivals can e.g. tougher competition, technology and shifting customer preferences ”  (Garvin et al., 2008)

There are 3 building blocks suggested by Garvin et al. that many organisations fail to put in place, making it very difficult to achieve the ideal. One of the most important building blocks according to many global learning leaders is having the type of leadership in place that reinforces learning.

Here, the organisations leaders (including managers of smaller departments and units):

  • Demonstrate willingness to entertain alternative viewpoints
  • Signal the importance of spending time on problem identification, knowledge transfer and reflection
  • Engage in active questioning and listening

(Garvin et al, 2008)

When leaders actively questions and listen to employees –and thereby prompt dialogue and debate- people feel encouraged to learn. If leaders signal the importance of spending time on problem identification, knowledge transfer and reflective post-audits, these activities are likely to flourish.

When people in power demonstrate through their own behavior and willingness to entertain alternative points of view, employees feel emboldened to offer new ideas and options.

What are you doing to create and maintain the type of leadership that reinforces learning?

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