Caveman communication in the workplace

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Many, many years ago, we had to fight animals and other home sapiens to the death in order to survive. Most of us, thankfully, do not need to do this anymore. There are specific areas of the world and zoo’s we can visit if we want to encounter threatening animals. For our nutritional survival, there are specific people who prepare animals for slaughter so that the meat can be purchased in our grocery stores.

Regarding killing other people for our survival, yes I know that in certain parts of the world, this is very sadly still the case. People murder others in the name of land ownership and religion amongst other reasons. But for the most part, the majority of us are fairly safe from harm and live in civilized societies where we look out for each other…one would think…

A number of conversations I have recently had with people, working in all levels of medium to large organisations however, have worried me, with stories of people and whole teams either making or not making things happen so that other individuals or teams have to work harder or other teams or individuals look bad in the eyes of others. Thus causing their colleagues stress that if not handled properly, could eventually lead to early death through stroke, heart attack etc.

How far is this approach from the heart of the original founder/s of the particular companies in question? How far is this from the vision and mission of an organisation. How far removed are the employees from the reason for being brought together in the first place? Why do people think they are entitled to come into work every day and get paid for making other people’s lives more difficult? Haven’t we moved past this level of caveman and cavewoman behavior?

Is this showing up in your organisation? If so, where is this showing up in your organisation? Is it happening and you are ignoring it? Are you one of the people who is creating this? Is it time you took responsibility for changing your own actions or indeed challenging the actions of others around you?

Is it time to become more conscious of the impact you are having on the future of yourself, others, and the place you work? Is it time to evolve and grow?

Are you ready?

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