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Is VR the future of mental health and learning?


When we imagine tools to help with anxiety, the first image that comes to mind probably isn’t someone with a VR headset on! However, as the impact of Virtual Reality continues to expand, the incredible potential of this new technology is positively impacting learning, mental health, and well-being.

Recently, adaptas was featured in an article in the Irish Independent highlighting cutting edge applications of Virtual Reality. Our Creative Tech Producer Camille Donegan and CEO, Dr. Celine Mullins were credited for their excellent work on the award-winning Dala Project.


More about the Dala Project


During 2021 Dr. Celine Mullins and VR Producer Camille Donegan, produced a series of Virtual Reality films for CAMHS (Galway Roscommon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) to help teenagers manage their anxiety. The project was spear-headed by Senior Occupational Therapists at CAMHS, Niamh Morrin and Fiona Mulvey.

With The Dala Project, teenagers embody Dala, a gender neutral character who is anxious about going to school. Dala uses a Pathfinder app on their phone which coaches them through breathing exercises and other techniques to overcome their anxious thoughts and feelings. The scripting, design and development of the piece was co-created with the teenagers at CAMHS Galway and Roscommon.

The Dala Project is one of several new projects attempting to harness the power and potential of VR to support mental health, well-being, and learning in directly. Research suggests that some people are more willing to engage with therapeutic support through VR because it takes the focus off of them as an individual and allows them instead to contribute as an avatar, or relate to a character like Dala. As quoted in the recent Irish Independent article, Camille Donegan shares that “Dala has become a conduit to the conversation about mental health and that is so important, because it can become an indirect way for the service user to receive therapy.”





What’s next for VR and adaptas?


The power of VR as a tool to support mental health lies in the experiential learning available to user as they actively embody a character or avatar.

“There is no doubt that VR is not just for Gen Z gamers. As the price of headsets drops, Irish owned tech companies like vStream, Solas VR and adaptas Training are proving that VR can be a versatile wellness-boosting tool.”

Irish Independent

At adaptas we are actively working on designing new, bespoke VR solutions for learning, mental health and well-being. Other learning tools we are currently working on include the Telecoms and Hospitality Sectors.  If you are interested in finding out how VR could be used to support the development of your team or organisation, contact us to today to set up a call.




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