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Maximising Brain Potential – A Series of Books

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Dr Celine MullinsAuthor Dr. Celine Mullins

The MAXIMISING BRAIN POTENTIAL series is based on the most up-to-date scientific research of how our brain potential can be maximised for habit change, learning, productivity and health.

“My focus is on writing books that are easy to read, with tips and tools that readers can put into practice immediately. The information, exercises and processes shared in the books are compiled based on my experience of working actively with my clients, and combining this with important research from psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience. I invite you to work actively through the exercises as you read these books.”

Celine Mullins


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Book 1

Our Learning Brain: How to Teach Your Brain to Learn New habitsOur Learning Brain

“Celine draws on newly-published knowledge about the brain’s role in habit to explain the complexities of the brain in the learning and habit change process. Her ability to translate this complex science into easy-to-understand prose means that readers of all backgrounds will be able to grasp the brain’s role in making changes and learn how to implement these changes for themselves. This book is also well-suited for those at management levels.”

 Professor Ian Robertson – Clinical Psychologist and Neuroscientist, Author of ‘The Stress Test’, ‘The Winner Effect’, ‘Mind Sculpture’ and ‘The Mind’s Eye’.


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Book 2

Developing Learning Habits: Seven Steps to Successful Change

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“Some books are beautifully timed, others miss their moment by being too late to market or too far ahead. This book is the right book at the right moment. The idea of successful behaviour change is the sine qua non of learning and development. We have always known that; however, it has taken a global pandemic to create a sense of urgency about making learning and development more efficient and more effective. If that is your task, take this book with you on the journey.”

Nigel Paine, Change-Focused Leader: Leadership, Innovation, Learning & Technology, Author of ‘The Learning Challenge’, ‘Building Leadership Development Programmes’, ‘Workplace Learning’


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