Adaptas creates bespoke video content for learning and development needs in your organisation.

Having video content for your organisation, enables you to scale unified training across disparate geographical locations cost-effectively.

We work alongside clients to ensure the look, feel and style of the videos are consistent with your organisations branding and messaging. In addition, we develop scripts with you to ensure the characters represent real-life people and situations from your workplace. Where applicable, we build in models, theory, tools and techniques from psychology, coaching, neuroscience and more.

Video content creation for previous clients has included interactive role play simulations scaled via the Empower The User platform filmed scenarios representing actual workplace events, as well as anecdotal versions, like mini-films, which highlight the types of issues occurring in the organisation, and how these communication based issues might be fixed.

Clients we have produced video content for in partnership with Empower The User (ETU) include BNY Mellon, State Street, and Trinity College Dublin. We have also produced mini-films for use in training and team-building events, for clients such as National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) and Marketing Network.