Padraig Mullins – Company Secretary

A graduate of UCD Padraig pursued an accounting career in London from the late sixties to mid-seventies. He travelled extensively throughout UK, Europe and Middle East representing the international accounting practice Arthur Young, providing audit and specialist financial services to clients such as Hertz, BASF, Ideal Standard, Apple Records and many others.

He returned to Dublin and took on Financial Directorships and Company Secretarial roles across a wide range of commercial activities including construction (RDC Construction), independent broadcasting (Sunshine Radio), I.T. (DDP Computing), Retail (GAP Fashion stores), DIY (Richmond Builders Providers). He acquired extensive experience in dealing with staff communications and behaviour. Continued in this role through nineteen seventies, eighties and nineties.

More recently, in 1997 he became involved in commercial property development and management in the Ballymount area of West Dublin. This continuing involvement has required participation and communication with occupants, investors and contractors and he now brings his years of experience and skills to Adaptas Ltd.

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