New Year’s Resolutions, help yourself with goal setting by understanding the power of your brain.


Every January, it seems the world at large, puts themselves under huge pressure to force habit change and adopt unrealistic RESOLUTIONS. By middle to late January, the feeling of ‘let down’ is epidemic. This series of short and simple blogs hopes to tap into a few key tips to help you understand how your brain actually works in creating habit change in your life.

Understanding the Power of your Brain.

The brain has been shaped by evolution to adapt and readapt to an ever-changing world. The ability to learn is dependent on modification of the brain’s chemistry and architecture, in a process called “neural plasticity”.

Neural plasticity is the ability of neurons to change their structure and relationships to one another in an experience-dependent manner according to environmental demands.

This means that everything you think you know and feel now can change for better or worse depending on what you focus on.

It’s easy to think of the brain as being responsible for processing information and problem solving but not always as obvious how much it controls our habits and behaviour too. In all areas of its capacity, it is not a static quantity. It can be grown and shaped deliberately.

How Can We Engage Our Minds to Make the Best Use of Our Brain?

Here are a few tips for you.

Concentrate on what is working and the motivation will naturally follow.

Set bite-sized goals (chunking down). When we break goals or jobs into bite-sized pieces, the memory of the ‘job’ is not so bad and we are happier to take on the task again and again.

Keep doing it until it becomes habit. If you are having fun and chunking things down, new habits (e.g. going to the gym) will become easier to repeat.

Keep self-judgement to a minimum. If you do fall off the wagon with a change or a new habit, don’t give yourself a hard time. Negative self-chat imprisons you in your own fear and makes it difficult to take action to get back on track again.


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